Business Club | Alumni
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Despoiu LucianFondator
Nistor HoriaFondator
Troaca VasilePresedinte Business Club
Marius Iosef StoianManager Business Club
Amalia DioșteanuDeputy Manager Business Club
Mirela JuganaruProject Manager Good to Go
Taisia BarbuProject Manager BCC Conferences
Savian BoroancăProject Manager Business Education
Flavius DogioiuManager Business Club
Iulia StanDeputy Manager Busines Club
Miruna Popa NemoiuDeputy Manager Business Club
Marina IvanManager FR
Ruxandra GeantaManager HR
Dascalescu AndreiManager FIN
Tudor IliescuProject Manager Business Education
Andrei Catalin GherguProject Manager Good To Go
Diana Ioana MoreaManager Busienss Club
Alexandru TruscanDeputy Manager Business Club
Daniel BirsanDeputy Manager Business Club
Robert PreoteasaManager Business Development
Daniel CristescuManager FIN
Roland ErdeiProject Manager FSDE
Ruxandra Simona StaneciProject Manager Good To Go
Andrada PopaProject Assistant Good to Go
Bianca GrigorasProject Manager Incubator Business Club
Cosmin BicsabiProject Manager Business Club Conferences
Alexandra IancuProject Assistant Business Club Conferences
Bogdan StoicaDeputy Manager Business Club
Bianca BarbuManager Business Club
Ovidiu BrangaManager FIN
Constantin IarnaProject Manager Good To Go
Irina SimionProject Assistant Good To Go
Ancuta StoicanProject Manager FSDE